“… … ZEITPUNSCH / TIME PUNCH has undoubtedly something to do with hallucinogenic substances, whose effects helped Dagie Brundert discover new perceptual possibilities in autumn 1996. The unity of space and time is lifted in the film by imbibing the eponymous TIME PUNCH. After partaking of this magic potion, Dagie is not only able to speak both forwards and backwards in the film, but can also communicate with animals. Using double exposures and a soundtrack that constantly meanders in tempo, the short black-and-white film gives the viewer a glimpse of how this kind of intoxication might feel.“ Luc-Carolin Ziemann, 2007, for www.shortfilm.de

My mini series are not expensive at all!
3 or more stills from the same film – it's almost like a story, a little scene – a great gift for fans, an awesome eye magnet!
15 x 20 cm or 20 x 30 cm. Not limited.

“Zeitpunsch / Time Punch”: the stills follow each other closely in the film. Double exposure, Wiener Strasse in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Görlitzer Bahnhof subway station (shot from a balcony).

“23 Barbiepuppen kippen um / 23 Barbie Dolls Collapse”: the original film (from 1988) has been projected quite often and you can see it in the pictures: stripes and scratches. But the original brilliant colors still remain!

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“X O – A Hug and a Cookie”: these stills are parts of a time lapse scene. The cow occurs only on a handful of frames, the tree shadow moves from still to still, the two girls appear just twice.

Here you see them hanging on a rough white wall – hooks and spacers fixed on the backside make them look like floating!

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