“… This fragile openness to the absurd beauty and the beautiful absurdities of life is what gives Dagie Brundert's films their magic. Her absolute subjectivity and naiveté offer the viewer places to hop on and enjoy the ride. The images serve not only as a vehicle for metaphorical theses, but can also be appreciated on their own merits.“ Luc-Carolin Ziemann, 2007 (www.shortfilm.de)

I studied visual arts and experimental film in Berlin at art school. Fell in love with (super 8) film in the late 80s. Since then I try to be a particle-finder, a wave-catcher and a good story-teller. I try to absorb weird beautiful things from this world, chew them and spit them out again.

I've presented my films at national and international film festivals and received a „Super 8 Lifetime Achievement Award“ from the IMAGES Film Festival in Toronto, Canada a couple of years ago. Since 2008 I've been teaching the “Wabi-Sabi in Super 8“ – experimental film making and processing in my workshops.

I made more than 100 short films during the last 28 years, all on Super 8, all between 1 and 6 minutes of length.

Some time ago I found out that a single frame (which passes by and fades away watching the film in motion) has a unique and beautiful life of its own, now that I have the technical means to scan and enlarge it to more than 1 meter of width without loss of grain. It's utterly fascinating, it's still a part of a film but also a singular and independent picture.

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How is a film made?

Lets take “Brother and Sister in the Snow“ from 1994. When I'm on the road I usually take a smaller camera with me, my “traveling-Nizo“. X-Mas at my parents‘. Snow falling and wouldn't stop. Me and my brother go for a walk into the woods, rolling and dashing through the snow, filming each other. Playing, breathing on the objective, having pure fun. Result: two cassettes (each 3 minutes) of old ORWO color material which I process myself later.
The next day I'm with friends who own a little cinema and say: “Can you please put the film into your projector, I'd like to see it BIG, and do you have some music to accompany?“ They did it and so the film found its perfectly matching soundtrack by coincidence.
Of course filming is not always that spontaneous but I can say I never plan a new film 100percently beforehand, coincidence is my friend!

Another one, “Through Red Wine“ from 2006: my friend who is a curator for film programs and exhibitions in galleries and cinemas asked me if I had a film that would match into the subject of “Eat and Drink“. No, I had no film but I promised her to make one soon.
It was (again!) winter, Berlin was sunk in snow and I thought: “Red wine is a crucial component of my diet, how would it look like to film through red wine?“ Not good, so I took a red filter and filmed through it. My surrounding and my hyacinth that grew every day a tiny bit. Thought and filmed about wine, perception and colors – in sound and vision.

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