Coincidence is my friend – even if I’m still not quite sure today if there really is such a thing. In any case, though, there is a certain humour in the universe, which you can be open to, which you can even play around with. Many of my films are constructed in this way: I find images or stories that impress me with their beauty or perhaps their absurdity like for example how do butterfly parasites survive winter or how does it feel to camp in your apartment …

I want my pictures to be produced in the best possible way.
That is why I chose WhiteWall, photo lab and mounting / framing specialists – "the laboratory LUMAS trusts". LUMAS, the world's largest gallery for photographic art, entrusts WhiteWall with the printing, framing, and mounting of all its editions.

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Lambda print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II. The picture will be exposed with precision using the renowned laser exposure system (Durst Lambda) onto the highest quality paper for gallery prints from Fujicolor. It will then be developed using a traditional photo-chemical process. The paper supports an extremely
broad colour spectrum and is durable for decades: Brilliant colours for 75 years.

A solid aluminium backing:
The picture will be fixed to the solid aluminium backing (Lumabond Pro III®) using a special adhesive, which seals the print to the surface evenly. All edges will be cut and smoothed with precision using a CNC cutter. For maximum stability and warp resistance, the board consists of 3 layers - brand quality from Germany.

UV foil to protect against sunlight:
To protect against sunlight your picture will be laminated with a protective foil. This coating is available in matte or glossy – guaranteed by WhiteWall to be free from bubbles, cracks, and speck.

Art-secure packaging and certified shipment:
All works are packaged in protective slipcovers. At WhiteWall we use exclusively art-secure packaging, which is custom-cut and seamed by our CMC machines to fit each piece's individual format. Corners are protected with Styrofoam. Extremely large and/or long formats are packed in custom-fit wooden crates.

Hanging elements included
WhiteWall always includes hooks and spacers – and on works larger than 25 cm they even affix them for you.

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